Bintulu Hotel Details

Tune Hotel at Bintulu Sarawak

Tune Hotel in Bintulu is among the 6 hotel design accommodation situated in Sarawak.


Inside Bintulu, Tune Hotel is rank as first hottest hotel type accommodation. Tune Hotel offers variety of rooms to select from. This kind of 3 star facilities provides modern comfort and style in Bintulu. Tune Hotel creates a bit of comfort to a Bintulu journey.


Suites at Tune hotel throughout the high season was lately noted at PHP 1594. Wego customers see that they love Tune Hotel, and can also be ideal with the same 3 star ranking and at the same place. Rooms at Tune Hotel are offered on 3 hotel websites such as the Wego’s associate site including the, as well as

Living Space  

Tune Hotel creates a feel of relaxation to your Bintulu vacation. For your benefit, WIFI access, air conditioned rooms, shower, tight security and a non smoking hotel appear in your rom. There are lots of room styles to choose like the 101 Double.

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